The Salient Man

Human beings exist, all over the face of the Earth, in various species, and geniuses.
Man, in a general term, refer to the capacity, and capability, to mutually inter-relate, with all-success in view, not barring a realm of gorgeous inheritance in him, which is God-given.
In view to this proposition, I have this common erring:
-on the spot stress.
-daily frustration.
-low versatility.
These could portray a positive outlook for man, to have a full-direction of his way, in all future activity.
In continuation, adverse conditions of the environment:
-poor weather.
-social malfunctioning.
These delay a gratification of response, to the component stimuli, in most cases.
On the spot, he fails adversely, and could fall victim to an adversity.
Contrary to a layman’s expectation, these ‘odd features’ hold just a little chance, with the pre- occurrence of fashioned-out tips, personal ideas, and views.
Here, I consider to extend the write-up.
Thank you, for reading this post.


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