Broadening the Horizon involve taking Risk

The word “horizon”, is used here, to refer to, the limit of a person’s knowledge, or interest, while risk, is the possibility of a person, meeting a form of danger, or suffering, from harm. In today’s society, the accomplishment of making our horizon, personally, of a broader scope, is often not ascertained, without us taking one risk, or the other, all along the preliminary stages. The increase expected, in our horizon, personally, could be motivated by the desire, to acquire an essential aspect of knowledge, or perhaps, it could be pertaining to, gaining just a specified item of interest. In most cases, a person’s attempt to reach a set of goals, is usually realized by taking certain steps, towards getting the feature, which often occur sequentially, and may require, priority. The steps that are essential, to the accomplishment of goals, are: (1) decision-making (2) plan-making (3) action-taking (4) resource-upkeep. One thing about, the above process, is that, it often looses to perform, in achieving goals, which necessitates, overcoming barriers, and eventually, taking some risks, just as, in the case of, being short of resource, error, lack of understanding etc, which often delay a person, from reaching his target, or goal, within the time specified. Taking the risk, has thus provided the person, with a opportunity, of crossing the difficult situation, which creates a detriment, to the accomplishment of his goal, in all the sphere, of his life. I often take risks, in achieving my goal, do you also this assumption, or do you take risks? I hereby extend my write-up, and wish my readers, a happy reading time. With regard.


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