Determination overcomes Difficulty

Determination, is a will, to make a decision, to maintain the control, of one’s self, to fulfill, or archive, a course of action, such as, a personal goal, a resolution, a proposal etc, while difficulty, is a situation, which often, requires too much effort, skill, understanding etc, to carry out successfully, or to overcome. The keyword, “being determined”, now rests an oar on, keeping a control of, the personal will, and on putting, a focus on a course of action, such as, effort, skill, understanding etc, in a situation, that occur in a question, or a problem, in all spheres of life. Difficulty, can thus, be subsumed as, a situation that exists, in everyday activity, which is present, in diverse forms, and which thereby, bring unpleasant consequence, during such times. To achieve, in a difficult situation, implies a deficit in a person, to reach an end, in a goal, which is often, a meager point, in fulfilling a persistent activity, on a path, to achieving success, which thus promotes, a pleasant situation, in all the spheres of life. Therefore, “a determined person”, is presumed to achieve, “a strong force, to make a change, in a situation, in which it is made”. My review, is thus, a source of knowledge, to act, to fulfill a goal, to achieve success, and to avoid, a set-back, in a situation, we come across, in our life. My commendation, goes to my readers, and to all other people, participating with me. Happy reading, to you all.


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