Understanding a Legend

Legend, is a word, often misconstrued with, another identical word, hero. While a hero, is a man, a heroine, is a woman, they both denote a person, with a brave deed, in the past, but a legend, is a story, of famous people, events etc, in the past. Understanding, is a use, of a skill, an ability etc, to create an endowment, for a change, very often, a positive return, at most times, by human beings, and the most required, in this case, is our past experience, or our legend. Human beings, need a repertoire, of past experience, to cope maximally, with a situation, in their life. An available resource, may not substitute, for a situational demand, but an experience, provides a required attribute. Therefore, a manoeuvre, in an experienced person, boasts the target, and the objective. Thus, “Understanding A Legend”, relates to, a revival of experience, motive, background etc, in a trend, to a future. My review, thus put a human being, and understanding, as a basis, to a use, of an experience, in achieving a goal. My regard, to my readers, fellows, and all other people, participating with me. Have a happy reading time.


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