Attitude Proffers Standard

Attitude, is a way of thinking, and behaving, which characterizes a human being. In other words, standard is a level of quality, or other value, that is attained, in a required field of knowledge, or activity. In a way, to proffer is to accept, or refuse, to do something, according to personal intention, of willingness.
While an attitude, refers to behaviour, in an individual person, among other relative relationships, within an association. Equally, a standard is a measure of assumption, relative to behaviour, or significance of person, as in other things. In relationship, proffer is a condition, to reach a goal, on consequent relationship, in a way of life, if such people act against odds, risks, or balances, militating as obstacles, to achieving a characteristic-quality, approved by the group of people.
Therefore, the attitudes which a person inculcates, should relate to standards of achievement, attribute, quality etc, among other individuals, in the group, field, activity, or interest, in their lifes. In fact, human beings have to relate with others, to capacitate life survival, and success tasks, which could be paramount, to a scope/level, and other variables/factors, affecting the way of life.
This points to a correlation, between the attitude and behaviour,  and corresponding a situation of oddity, of risk, affecting the people, living here. In a situation, they ought to overcome risky situations, by motivating the attitude, and behaviour, binding the relationship, relevance, achievement, and success. So, it is known, that attitudes of a person, to other fellows, considering the environment, relates to particular standards, judgements, behaviours, and how it favours him, with the colleagues, and members. That is to say, success is attributed, to an achievement, significance, and relevance, to the quality, in the standard, of the relationship.
I hereby, extend my review, in a relationship, and relevance, to the attitude, with a success, in the society. An attitude thus, plays a vital role, in achievement of personal goals, in relating to other individuals, and the general environment.
I give regard, and appreciation, to all readers, and other people, having a challenge, in my way.
Thank you all.


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