Performance Is Ultimate


Performance, is an action, taken to carry out a function, in an area of life, for example, doing a duty, task, exercise, job etc. While the ultimate, is a final part, in something happening to a person’s life, or other events. In actuality, to perform, is a way to express how a person has done a job, to the delight, and admiration, of other people. But to give the meaning of ultimate, is to express how the action performed by the person, reaches the final activity, and in this way, have contributed, or not, to what happened, the people, or the active community.
In the mean time, ‘performance’ and ‘ultimate’ are relevant terms, that could contribute to human activity, and a success, significant to the group, such as the community, as well as, their personal dispositions. The contribution of performance to personality, is personal to which goal, in the person, has a relevance to the ‘goals of life’ to be accomplished, and how related it is, to the ‘ideals of the society’.
In this regard, his performance adds strictly to the ultimate goal, which depends on the ‘effects of relationship, in the person, society, and goals, pending the ‘irreversible turn of event’. Prospects in his life, that could contribute to the high, or good times, will give the ultimate goal. Contrarily, the least, and non-profound attempts, made in his absence of the ‘realization of ultimate goal’, is bound inadvertently to result in the least attributes, in his way of life, and his goals.
To this point, and as well as, a means to an end, every individual-personal goal, can be attributed to ‘a laborious performance’, in his activity, that contributes a boost, in his activity, rather than a weak expectation. I could say that his activity, is in his ultimate, because of a consequence, result, and final point of score, which depends on a personal, and communal attribute.
At this point, I extend the reconsideration, of the human personality, which could boost, and support the human life, importance, participation, activity, and need.
I am grateful, to the readers, and all the people, who participate with me.
Happy reading, to all concerned.
Please, write a comment, to add your view, or pre-requisite to the topic.


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