Conscience Guides Our Feeling


The conscience is an essential component, of the brain, and could act, within the focus, of subconscious level, in the memory, and mind, of human beings.
The mind plays a vital role, to regain conscience, from unconscious perpetration, or disorganized feeling, of human action, and thought, just accordingly.
The personal feeling, is thus casual, in balancing our emotion, to understand how human beings, and intricate personality, could justify that condition, in their environment.
The conscience will give direction, that could justify that feeling, thinking, and understanding, through which people, justify those imbalances, which could become peculiar, to their life.
Therefore, whatever we may encounter, could give us the direction, or security, and which will be basic, and beneficial, to what we need, and our future survival.
Since, we cannot supersede, those factors affecting the environment, even from dominating our life, but instead, we could justify the level, or adjust being conscious, in the feeling, or personality.
However, how we feel, in such situations, such as, tragedy, joy, mishap etc, could bring our feeling, to imagine, or think through, how we could understand, how bizarre consequences, without prejudice, had that emotion, in such people.
Thank you, for reading my post.


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