People Achieve When They Fail


People come together in groups, based on their interest, belief, concept etc.
Groups work in their consciences, to change the standard, by acting to increase, or extend, and not subdue, but enhance their goal, that will bring achievement, development, and coexistence, to their fellows.
Therefore, they have goals, and could be prone to make those steps, to make their target, in achieving these interests.
They could compete with similar groups, for those interests, or objectives, to this endeavour.
Those who can become relevant, and get near their goal, could then gain more interest, and consciousness, in their groups, that will further facilitate the development.
Failure will lead to loss, in the group, but could gain more interest, through their approach, to the societal challenge, or identity, and could even facilitate the development.
Those people who did not perform to that expectation, could gain gain more effort, consciences, and interest, to make their potential, and impact, for their benefit, and association.
Thank you, for reading my post.


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