I reviewed a Kobo book!

Here’s what I thought of Thinkers 50 Strategy: The Art and Science of Strategy Creation and Execution by Stuart Crainer,Des Dearlove:

I gave it 0/5 stars.

Understanding Strategy and Competition

I enjoyed ‘Thinkers 50 Strategy: The art and science of strategy creation and execution’.
I have being overwhelmed and engaged with research propositions of the authors, Stuart Crainer and Des Dearlove. I am impressed as well, with consequences and experiences which were the results for businesses and strategies as people have somehow understood their meaning.
I purposefully took Michael Porter, as an example of a business strategist of renowned acclaim. His strategy of ‘positioning business for competitive advantage’ is, for a while, the fundamental pivot on which the modern-day strategies have being placed. I have also gained insight to Richard D’Aveni, as the sensitive brain behind the hyper competition which is going on in the world today.
The race for power seems to continue between the leading powerful countries of the world, I mean, U. S. A., China, Japan, etc. The business corporations could be regarded as having established a competitive edge, based on, resource, value, consumption and productivity, in the short and long term. They really must strive to sustain themselves, compete with others or change their mission. They will win or loose, according to how good their strategic understanding have played in business development. They simply have to engage productivity and sustainability for compensation and success.
Business knowledge plays a major role in developing societies and countries, at large.
Understanding strategy should benefit the world in many ways.


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