I reviewed a Kobo book!

Here’s what I thought of How to Create, Publish, Promote & Sell an eBook Successfully All for FREE. Make Money, Open New Doors, Get Published! by Green Initiatives:

I gave it 0/5 stars.

Write, Produce and Sell an e-book Successfully

Writing e-books is often lucrative and indigenous, for a personal endeavour or business prospect.
A writer may need to research, write, compile, publish, sell and promote a result of the activity. A field of knowledge possessed by any person who is able to produce it, is quite immeasurable when compared to what exists in the populace. An aspiring writer could need just an enlightened repertoire to brainstorm for useful content, write out something tangible and print out the material, but this time, for a relevant audience of readers.
The Microsoft Word application is a conceptual free-range software for manuscript preparation. The publication process would lead to a production that is quite understood and priced. The product is now market-oriented through advertising on websites and promoting on social media platforms.
People are bound to produce a range of complimentary materials, if they are well guided or directed appropriately. Resources to help with understanding a process to get something done is an excellent path to have a new idea or direction.
This e-book is comprehensive in describing the process of producing an e-book, in a subtle manner.
I belief, that writing and publishing an e-book is quite possible and complimentary, from the personal inspiration of new writers and old ones alike.



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