I reviewed a Kobo book!

Here’s what I thought of Planning your Project like a Pro by Brad Egeland:

I gave it 0/5 stars.

Planning a Conspicuous Project

Planning is a critical step in any conceptual activity, in which a person is endowed.
The planning stage seems to be the first step, that must deliver or damage having quick progress and solid success in the activity. A prospective manager of the business enterprise will enjoy the process of developing a product, when there is proper set-up which bridges the communication gap and solve delay problem with the businesspeople and their investors. Since a project that is well-accomplished will adequately bring a desired solution, everything which speeds up the process is considered, with some risks that may be met.
I am convinced, from the concept of making plan, scheduling time, communication kickoff and risk assessment, that if project managers adhere strictly to this set-up, there should be engagement of smooth communication and good business. I mean, the organiser or businessman focuses and engages in a matrix of strategy, creation and execution of the drafted schedule to bring a solution for clients or customers.
Plans that are complimentary to problems will work well and satisfactorily, without breaking up or changing always.
A plan must be in place, while all the working hands should be awake to their responsibilities, for a project to become a big success.
Planning is thus essential for business success.



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